I follow you and sometimes you follow me :))

At word press, it has been sometime that I got active and posted regularly. Although, the internet fails to let me remain log in , still I am addicted to this Virtual world. What fascinates me is the amazing contribution of photographs that has captured the beauty, mood and feel of a space, depicting culture and taste . The inspiring poems that describe everyday life, so softly and tenderly , like a piano recital. The writers who bring the values of society and culture, in a challenging perspective for readers to think deep, and search for answers if any. Life has so many aspects, and one that gives us pleasure is humor. Humor is like the dessert after the main dinner, we wait for it, want to know what is special for the day.Philosophy or thoughts that makes you ponder, are another exercise that keeps you thinking , it is like a humming, tune. I am in a virtual portal, where I meet people from different age, back ground and visions. of course, they are very intelligent and well read, I find it a privilege when I get a chance to comment, for I always  have an urge to express myself. This exchange of comments, sparks friendship and understanding, the bloggers I follow becomes my peers and friends. Online, at a level, the ideas are floated and I forget that I have recently met them online.I get free and write honestly, sometimes even negating their presented theme.

Year 2012- was good for me, as I got nominated for some prestigious award. It felt like a gift. I still don’t think I deserve the award, but then nominations are good enough for me. The real award I get everyday from those I follow and would follow in future.

I am getting addicted to the regular postings of grishmanphotography, the handsome man, who should be the subject for photography , as he has all the model looks 😉 but he has taken up photography and he has a natural flare to it.He presents pictures in black and white  but it has all colors of life.

Seenorway, I feel I am there and seeing Norway.He always, has a complete sequence, like a story. Sethsnap , he not only presents his pictures but ask us to contribute our expressions with writings. Sigoese, has stunning pictures from everyday life. Stephen Brassaware, Photographs has an underlying theme, when I look at it, it starts to speak.

David Kangani,Rhino House and Jay, they have acquired a level that relates to time, space and occasion with their post. randomiser144 has joined in and we find snaps from life at street , at its best. Patrick latter has a huge collection, he offers for sales.

Eric’s poetry is simple yet it has  a variety too, initially his armed forces back ground made me think he doesn’t like anyone snooping around but then , he has allowed me at least. hasty words, jointly contribute poems that has focus on love, whenever I read I find it lovely, with her equally attractive looks.berry 556, he got depth and life, the partners in words that he uses for writing a poem. John coyote, has a past and he makes sure it last longer than it lived, yes we get glimpses of his past life and he remarkably relates it to the future.

Humor by jeffery Todd,George Vagabon, , Steve Mitchell, hovercraftdoggystyle, bearstales and Mumbling nerd is like instant smile solutions.

Clark Kent, Grosenberg, Chelsea brown , Scott Williams, the old wolf gives us much to think about, even after we had closed the computer and are about to sleep sound.

Karmatrenzd ‘s gives architectural buildings inside out, view in detail :))

So, I think I can go on and on but never complete , about how does word press gives me opportunity to live happily in a virtual world, with real friends. That is why, in this “My Blog” I am actually re blogging those post that I come across, and want to keep it for myself..like an album of memories cherished for keeps , when I am lonely I will visit these and find a reason to be..happy and hopeful.



  1. Beautiful post. Thank you. Your comments are always so thoughtful or witty or rhythmic that when you are away, you are missed. Hope you are well.

    1. kalabalu says:

      thanks for your comment 🙂 hope you are fine too

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