Windows got frames and if each frame had pores to filter in the air.Then channel this as a light breeze, like rays making an invisible barrier. It would capture light and convert it into enery, at night the pores would get lit..yes..all around the edge. There is no  glass..but the window can block the air to pass by creating a vacuum. Thie means , the window defines what enters and what remains confined, both iside and out.

From, this window the view is clear and plesant, but if by chance someone wants to peep, it blurs your vision and you can not see..the other side 😉 Window can read minds of those who see..yes.. mind readers..taking the que from sight line and this line gets a feel of the heat.

Windows are links from the place we stand and to the environment, therefore it must be for giving or adding to the surroundings. The air inside would be filetered and windows are the purifiers of air. And, light source at night 🙂


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