My nana

My parents were busy, as my mother is an architect and my fatherhad a press. I have two elder brothers, very sweet and caring both of them, always played with me boys’ and girls’ games. But, I had my friend in my maternal grand mother, my nana 🙂 

My nana was the  person my life revolved around, as her death anniversary approaches, I feel lonely. When I was a young student, I had few years studied in the afternoon shift. I would sit near the kitchen door and she would help me with my Urdu lessons. While studying in morning shift, after I returned from school, we two would walk to visit her friends. All her friends were sweet and kind, they would talk about life, religion and good things..I would sit and listen munching on the biscuits and goodies that was always there for me. 

My nana would tell me, listen to how we speak, you will learn more and learn to listen better. This will go inside you and develop your personality. it will bring  a tendency in you to be patient, for we do need to have control on our selves, if we want to be successful. 

Why do we need to control ourself? 

If you can not control yourself and let self control you, you are doomed. There are two sides in you, the good and bad. Your mind and heart decides what you actually prefer, but this decision doesn’t come unless you learn what is right and wrong, learn to think, learn to listen, learn from other’s mistakes and not to repeat what they have done. Each one of us want to experience, because we think we are better, but some mistakes doesn’t need to be we must learn not to do those.. we make mistakes intentionally ?

Sometimes we do and others we are forced to, only occasionaly are we unaware of the mistakes we commit.

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