Award Nominations :)

At WordPress. I got a blog and everyone got one it seems. Some are talented and got a focuss in life and virtual life too. So, those are the award winners, wordpress is a forum, where bloggers get tested. I find it like a school, daily home work and daily reports. Assignments and the clicks, it is a competition or is it not? How can it be fun if it got so many avenues to prove, not the topic but your own capacity.

Is it not enough, that I have to prove my worth every day in real life , that I must now make my virtual life not an escape but a testing ground. Whenever, I get nominated for an award, I feel good and I want to make other person also feel that happiness..but, it back fires ..ouch! especially if you are the small fry ina huge ocean.

So, I decided to count up to 10 and breathe in and out, and then to smile.not easy..but then I must smile otherwise, my sole aim for coming on this seat is destroyed.

I hope I keep on getting nominated, I am very confident that I would never win any award 😉 that is perhaps beyond my league..people got followers in thousands and millions. I got a little more than 200. But…I am happy that even if few of the bloggers who read my comments or my write-up if they smile..I find that to be my award..unoffcially  😉

My elders taught me an old saying, it is not what you said, but how it made them feel, after you the real essence of writing/blogging. Well, my elders never did any blogging..they never had a chance..

Awards are nominated and passed on, some I post correctly others I couldn’t, well at my end the electrcity supply is crucial..its like on life support at ICU, anytime I will go offline..and my typing would end..but will get back 🙂


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