daily post Weekly Writing Challenge: The State of the State

Weekly Writing Challenge: The State of the State

The nations are run by Government. Each, state has chosen its own working methodolgy. The  main aspect  is the way, leaders are elected, selected or inherit the government. Before, we go into mechanism of each nation, we must  realize,  that there are a number of countries, gaining independence from earlier  hold.

The   main role of good governence is that, the system is  progressive and sustainable . It is not just everyday routine work, like running of a machinery. It is a dynamic situation, where leaders are focussing from economic issues to cultural diversities. Health concerns , common enemies and so on. Therefore, the people living in the state could have peace and security, the two major elements forensuring progress. Nations are all different, for their thought process and cultures are embedded in the very inception of the nation’s identity.

Therefore, a government not only has to make potable water available, it must secure the origin of the supply, that is political in nature. The  system  for ensuring a comfortable life, has to be like a guideline level interface. Where the minor detailing would happen, after those interested in participating bring in their own ideas.

In a simple manner, the government provides a paper, colours and eraser the people then choose their location, the combination of colors, the picture they want to paint and sell, or use it for a signage. So, the basic provision is made by the Government and freedom to use that given amenities or programs, are for the people to decide as they take up investments, in their aptitude, finances and use.

If, any aspect lack, the government monitors the success and failures of its people’s endeavors and then upgrade or change the facilities. This is an ongoing processs, where variables are many , and it increases as inventions are made or its proposed to be made for betterment of the society.

Ofcourse, each state exists as part of the world order, so the goverment must realize that one nation is not a single identity, it must relate with other counteries production and consumption. If any  government fails to realize the potentials in correct time, it then gets into major financial crisis , that  makes people’s life difficult.

That means, the most important part of any government is its, vision for the future. The various departments and ministries involved in prjecting such potentials have a professional accountability, as it decides the fate of an entire nation.

State can only run if people work hard and support the government, not just following but being innovative in using the potentials and saving on those issues that government is facing problems to cope up . Awarness and education of young minds is one of the major concerns for  its the new thought which would remain. Patriotism of the leaders has to be proved by the government, policies/projects/decisoins reflects their honesty in addressing the issues.

Housing, infrastructure, health plans or defence budget, all are important but must be balanced for better economic status, and less political turmoil. Govrnment / State manifesto, has to be bold, futuristic and progressive. Solving problems may be a good thing, but avoiding any conflicts is better.

State and People relationship should be formal yet sensitive, ordered and precise to the extent that it has freedom to act, express and initiate.People are never suppose to be made into parasites, they must earn respect and make their nation sustainable.


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