Award Nominatons ;)

Ah ! the nominations..brings a smile to my face..I quickly share this news with my husband who pats on my back..and says..good ! Then, if its inspiring blogger nomination, I look up those who inspire me..when I get inspired I always comment..sometimes comments doesn’t support their ideas..but then it did inspire..and others I feel happy looking at the images, cartoons or write-up they have posted. All so neat and tidy, I am sure they are religiously involved with blogging. 

So, it happens that 20% of the bloggers get happy and others are sorry…no they appreciate that I felt inspired but..but..but..nomination ? only!!! come on 😉 if the WordPress had awarded them with a huge prize money and mention at Forbes ..maybe Oscar..hmmm maybe that would be worth they are very sweet people..they take time and effort to accept and decline..those are the moments I feel..that I am offering my candle light to the Sun :)) ofcourse..they are the sun on the sky..making my day so bright and cheerful..

I was wondering..just thinking ..if at all it was possible..that WordPress gives each one of us an option, those of us who do not want a mere nomination to click/select opt out from award and a red light would be next to their names..bloggers would know who are not to be disturbed. Save time and energy, for both and less thinking  to select..Award nomination  and I can screen with a program potential bloggers whom I follow..and the wordpress inbuilt softwarewould delete all those that are inspiring but do not want to inspire with prespiring efforts 😉  and normal bloggers eager to get award  nominaions would be on the top 😉 better chances and feels good..all giants out and dwarfs in 😉

Happy Blogging



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