The Daily Post

Daily Prompt: The Transporter

by michelle w. on April 4, 2013

Tell us about a sensation — a taste, a smell, a piece of music — that transports you back to childhood.

There are many things but let me see, how to cut down. First, is my mother, she instantly makes me jump back to childhood..hmmmm

you guessed it right..she still scolds me..just way it was and will be, each day I manage to do something wrong or silly. Now, if by chance I open skype and she is online, I call her and she is busy with her friend and tells me to log off..I do..but then my computer logs off too..darn !! then I automatically logs in to skype..this is the mother can see I am online and she sends me a message..I am totally engrossed with wordpress so, I didn’t mother calls..umh..this is the moment..I get transformed to the days when I used to stand with my head bowed down..listening to my mother ..telling me to pay attention..that time..way..back in historic moments I did promise to be better when I get bigger..I did try..but still am am trying..learning and listening..yep..transportation is really easy..all I need to do with my mother :)) each a childhood day..


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