decode the body langauge ?

Do you want to know if he is interested in you :))

Let us dwell on his body code -decoded
If he lifts his eyebrow means he is really interested and helping his eye to open .
Part his lips..about to say but couldn’t..yesss you never do stop your bla bla do you ?
Flaring his did use too much perfume
he stand away from his friend’s ..he wants to be sure you are looking at him .
Smooths his hair..he was bewildered :))
stands in front of you..he wants to measure you
He  take a cruise over your body..hmmmm he is touching  you
he spreads his was becoming a bit got a killer look
Buttoning and unbuttoning..undecided to show or not he touches his face as he looks at you..he feels your look on him
he sits on edge of his seat..falling for you indeed
Time to sweep you off your feet…this was direct 😉tumblr_mj668tBxCV1qj783ho1_500


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