When you voice your opinion.

Opinions are personal, not really facts. We, discuss and evalaute  before we formulate strategies and plans. Facts supports and sometimes , its a gut feeling..so totally whimsical.

Public Opinion 🙂 tends to be a step towards voting, a simple choice or judgment. When democracy is authority  wins, that time mob attack and mass violence also bears the torch to light up fire.

Why, does an opinion matter. It is after all a view about something, it is not something but then, world has its ways to handle things. Propaganda being one of the major methods to change views and make people respond differently.

Few, would go to the search engines to check out, whether an opinion or thought presented by media is fabricated or real. A hue and cry starts, as if people are just waiting to attack or back bite..why do negative and bad news get more attention than progressive or good news.

I find its , difficult to voice your opinion in media and its even harder to prove with action a fact, as compared to spreading a rumor, for it got wings..

Many times we are asked to express our opinions, and we pass..to avoid conflict..which is actually clever..because we have weighed the importance of expression against  hurting other’s feelings, or igniting fire in the society.

People are like volcanoes..sleeping but just as  views/ ideas/ opinions starts pouring it flares up and send to sky high flames with lava..later  maybe the land would get fertile but at the moment..everything gets burned down ..and ashes fly..


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