Promise ;)


Take my hand and promise me this

when I am gone you would definitely miss

my funny smile, the way I twist 😉

my irrelevant, bossy ,abusive tricks

say, that you want me although I prick

in your mind like a question

unanswered, as if it ticked

going to blast , or die in six

promise me another chance

will you, Mr Twix  :)))

although you are far away

I can never see you any day

But promise me a friendship

in ocean midst

last time we fought,

you tore away my list

the one, I made for you to say sorry to

say it with word, a smile or two

all is well, when we forget and forgive

forget the tears and forgive the pain

promise me , never to pull my nose again

I will promise to untie , your hands  in rains :))



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