Daily Prompt: Second Time Around

I always like to do things second time too, unless its impossible to do.

I like to hug twice,  kiss twice and laugh twice. First time , I may get confused but second time I am sure about me and you.

Few things I do repeatedly, like singing a hit song or watching a movie that was long gone. I love stories and so must be retold..countless..I once read a story that was about a young woman getting abducted and later she falls inlove with this kidnapper…fiction of course 🙂 but I liked the way story unfolds and in the last scene..she is about to be rescued..gun men surround and she would be escorted back..when the hero comes riding on his horse and she jumps for her ride..to freedom …but ..it was a captivity..but in love ..that captivity is real happiness..hmmmm

I do remember things I read and re-read to memorize..the only thing I would like to do twice is..to die 😉

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