Meet someone you want to be :)

Since our birth dreams are our constant partners. It is amazing, but it is real that whenever someone meets us, they ask one question . What do you want in your life? Where are you from and where do you want to go ?
Life is a journey..and we make many a trip..slip and grip but we are on the by one we climb the steps and reach the next..its with a smile or frown, but passing decades of our life reveal many facts..few wishes comes true and then..we feel was all wrong for us to pursue ..and at times the happiness we thought would be great..goes sp;ash like a water balloon..too full and without any direction..just bouncing till elasticity gets worn out..I feel empty and alone..people around expect a smile and I mostly, I am smiling for mygrand ma told me, “Child remember its better to smile for others than to weep for yourself ” Maybe, I am a loner that gets a crowd to keep šŸ˜‰ and in this deception..of self..I find it amusing that I am trying to tell happy life can be..isn’t that a bit ironic..a heart that never felt happiness would talk about being happy..but then..its easier to smile than weep..and better to sleep than twist and turn and burn..umh…so..I am a luke warm person..who had passions but they died and now a corspe of hopes is what I carry with all pomp and shadow is my life or rather my life is a shadow and I want to meet my real self see..if that inner me can smile back šŸ™‚


One thought on “Meet someone you want to be :)

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