Daily Prompt :) Feed your senses

Rise and shine..its morning chirps the birds and I know its the breaking of dawn. Time to pull the sheet over my head and be an Ostrich :)Wait..calmly..for the aroma of tea..made fresh with love and no sugar please..my thirst for water helps me to leave the warmth of the bed..crawl out..or better yell..for dear husband is smiling again..he gives his hands and pulls me out..calls me lazy….. but is smiling..that is a feeling called love..of course..I like it when he calls me many names other than my real one 😉 ..it is his way of pampering me and I am really used to it.. few would rate me negatively..doesn’t get up before her husband ..infact..waits for him to wake me up..rather lift me ..or pull me..so if I have to think and write about a sense that is a reason for this write-up..it must be sense of belonging..sense of gratitude and non-sense too :))

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