Daily Prompt- thoughts in segments Freedom gets doomed too

On earth, we are all born freely to follow the rules. Now..rules are of two types one is legal and other is moral. Legal are those rules, that were moral earlier and now with the backing of many  heads and hands, have got passed and has attained the status of a rule..then come to moral issues..that is based on culture, norms and religion. Strict, yet flexible..very much locational, but…there is a phenomena called, global culture..now that  pretty much makes people just different but not better nor worse..so all are equal..but few are more equal than others..there is a grey zone for fixing a set up or for lobbying..but are we not free ?

Question is what is your freedom ? The free will to choose and follow..but not to force others to forget about their free will and not follow but to lead on their own..in their very own way..but does this happens? Suppose a group  makes certain idea or trend in fashion and if you want to deviate from it..will they allow? or make faces and term you as old fashioned?

So..lets contemplate..on freedom..but..I let you be free to do it or explain it as each one feels..I will not impose my thoughts nor accept another’s ..except..if you conincide with my  preconceived ideas 😉

I did say doomed :))


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