When I was younger and still when older :)

Remembered those days, when I was still a student and my mother would drop me or pick me up. She would drive, we didn’t  use a/c, because that was expensive so my friends used to ask me,” Are your windows still rolled down?” Yes 🙂 would be my answer. The whole world got latest model of television, we didn’t..mobile phone or Ipad..ofcourse still on mobile phone..so each time , friends  got something new in the lates series of gadgets, I was still using that obsolete item.

my friends told me, you are out of the league in a bad way 😉 I should have gone bitter, but I just smiled thinking, ” you still need me for  innovative  ideas ” as long as my mind/ brains doesn’t fail me..and I am able to outshine the latest application, I will be in demand..maybe in next few years  my friend circle will get smaller , as people tend to leave you..when you are not progressing in spending money..few asked me why ?

my answer is, I watch tv, for information and entertainment, so that much I am able to do with the previous model.

I use  mobile phone, because for me, a phone is basically for information and I can do that with my mobile.

I normally weigh , how much I can spend time with, what i buy for a certain amount..but yes..I want to spend money  and buy latest car..but then car is for commuting not racing 🙂

Friends, tell me to aim for higher goal be progressive and work hard to earn more money..but. am I in any race ? Nope..I better enjoy my life, relax, earn my living and sleep peacefully..and troubles..I seemingly have none so why bother 😉


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