Depression it curable

Sadness is not depression..for sadness  goes away..but depression creeps in to stay.

So..what to do ? First step for any solution is..yes :)) Please accept that you do have a problem. Otherwise, how will you move to the remedial measures..makes sense :)) hmmmm

Now..that you accept it. You can go to the doctor..get a pill ..then chill with friends or jog with a group for a boost..write about  not to hide your depression ..but to avoid  wrong /rather negative does age  triggers depression..not really..but sometimes..memory loss..unable to recal  thoughtless movements..Image

 is it dementia or depression ? 

We, must get medical help ..lots of love..and ? anything that is real to pull you out..not with a jerk for you may fall back..ouch 


So..when you are identified with with anyother  physical condition..always be prompt..yep cure it before it gets  deteriorated..and you can talk about it..with a profesional and an intelligent  partner..but  if your partner is not’t change your partner :)) just get professional certainly don’t want your  partner to get you?



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