Daily prompt ;) Red Pill , Blue Pill

If you could get all the nutrition you needed in a day with a pill — no worrying about what to eat, no food preparation — would you do it?

Maybe 🙂  Do I live to eat or eat to live ?

I do both..sometimes I want to go on a diet those days..I miss this pill idea..just take a  pill nobody can argue about  not eating properly. Then, sometimes you didn’t plan your budget..uhu..so you ran out of groceries and you must survive..take the pill and chill..there are mood swings..its soooooooo hot..then..my favourite program is on air..and I don’t want to miss any scene.. I want to give my stomach and my teeth some rest..they are over worked due to my eating habits..then..my dear husband ..he wants to  be slim forever… and when he looks at me..its never..ever 😉 

Now..those  great minds and hands that are excuisite and famous for creating a cuisine ..and the super chefs with a touch of this and that can be without any job and creativity.. if this pill takes over..and everyone just go for it..what will happen to our taste buds..think…sour, sweet, bitter ..how can we relate with people whenever we compare them to taste ..hmmmm the bitterblogger would also go ..

Taste is important. It has a drama, a theme and most importantly a menu 🙂

Whenever , we social animals want to celebrate we do one thing..yesssssssss..we plan a dinner  or lunch ..a brunch perhaps tea at 4.00 pm..breakfast with warm bread…

yes..life is about enjoying and feeling that sweetness melt in your lips and eyes close to make things go in ..soooo ..dreamy..

Okay…so ..it is a definite  MAYBE


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