DailyPost -Do not Disturb

How do you manage your online privacy? Are there certain things you won’t post in certain places? Information you’ll never share online? Or do you assume information about you is accessible anyway?

When I enter a website..there is a web on the site, so I am caught whether I entered as an impostor or as my own self. 

Next, is how to manage privacy..It is as simple as in real life. Hierarchy is the key word..strangers are not your buddy..unless you plan to make them your new buddies 🙂

The earth  population is at fingertips, if a fraction would be at my door, I would freak out..so why am I so calm here..everyone who sees my post knows me and sees me..but can not meet me.. Aha ! So, I keep my real address a secret, maybe email too ..and phone number. I am managing  others to access me, by keeping all the ways to connect a secret. What if ,,I was looking for prospective clients or work, then I must  make it public..so first thing is to identify..which forums are for serious work and where do you pass your time. Never mix business with work 🙂

What to post ? Everything that can be read without any flinch or awakening of anger..revenge..yes no need to supply attack weapons for a ground crashing reply.

Choose non-controversial topics, avoid”Politics” and “Religion” , even if you belong to the same faith , you may end up as rivals. Remember  voting is confidential and praying is personal.

Information not to share..private information is suppose to be private 😉 so why make it  public. 

Its a place, where you may be read but not responded to, leading you to think nobody knows what you posted ..wrong everyone can know and some make it their  business to know..that is why they are following you..and you are doing the same thing too…

I know that the entire system has been hacked and documented. If I fail to get a visa, I will blame it on any agency I want to ..but never post about my  conclusions online..what if? They take it personally and sue me ..It was and is important to think five times before you utter/write anything..Firstly, is it true? Secondly Is it necessary to write ? Thirdly, would it hurt anyone’s feelings? Fourthly, your choice  of words , do they really bring out the message or does it give a different flavour ? Finally , when I read something like this do I feel , it is suitable for all viewers.

Lastly, “ Do not disturb” means not to cross your limits when asking me direct and personal questions and  maintaining privacy means, do be careful right from start about everything/action you do while posting..


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