Crazy take it easy

Driving is crazy. When all the motor bike riders want to show their expertise in moving in circles. The three wheeler is like an angry kid, who must go all over you and enter your  lane, then leave after giving off the black soothe like air in front. Then the innocent looking pedestrians, who have mastered the skills to do hurdle jumps. No matter, how high the divider is, they run and jump..surprise 🙂 apply your brakes and get hit by the car tail gating you.

The width of the road was for four lanes, but they have turned it into five lanes, as each driver wants to change his lane the moment it gets slow..but then he wants the line behind him to stop unless the lane he wants to enter is clear..So..each time it happens and this dance step of cars  in the heat..slows everyone and makes a drive for 20 minutes turn into 60 minutes drive.

There are additional retarders , the  newspaper man..who waves to all cars..and few stops to buy..but they never have exact change so they search for the money ..and all of us behind this car must wait..

The beggars are also chasing..they bang your window as break and they feel really upset  if you don’t give them their share..

Since..this happens each  must be taken as a regular has one basic life people will try to stop you..hit you..delay you and rob you..if not prepared.each day is like this..till you reach your destination.


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