Gold Digger :)

Have you ever thought  “why do people resort  to pick on nose as something very entertaining in public”.

I found my answer as I read a post by,Love , the Angry . Sure did make it clear..that the finger  seems to be digging out all the deposit that could possibly be in the caves’ reserve.(nose). Taking  pride to be the sole owner of the Golden Caves,

The man sitting in front of me was  no different. In the dinning hall was not disturbing me ,but his own nose. I agree, his property..but then he has inserted his finger in it and is rotating in a drilling motion. When I stare, which is bad…but then I am feeling uncomfortable..he watches me ..staring and continue to dig..then roll his findings into tiny small balls and throw those still wet tiny stick on all directions..Then he sits if having finished a very important task, and slightly rubs the table edge. 

I suddenly, want to know who was using my table before I landed…was it another Gold digger 😉

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