Upside down


It depends what I think ..and influences from where I come and belong , cultural and social class. Otherwise, all the values are seen as upside down to me..I am doing a head stand to understand your system it seems.

The rich men never have money to make payments and gets also gives them huge amount  because ..they are solvent 😉

The poor man has no repaying capacity nor collateral, so he can never expect low interest  loans for development. Close monitoring is done for recovering  small loans and big ones sometimes gets it waived !

The right way to get the correct answer  is by asking a question in a negative way ..

We..seldom ask for getting information we don’t know..but always ask question to confirm what we do know .. 

When the answer  is affirmative..we still reconfirm..suddenly we can not depend  on our  listening capabilities.

Although we got eyes but we pretend  not to see.

We got ears..but listening is not part  of me.

If you talk about yourself I am not really interested..yet I always ask you..”how are you ?

When I love  someone I tell them but when I don’t I keep quiet..building the suspense 😉

You look at 69 and I also ..we got same answer from the opposite sides.

West and East . co-exists but seldom acknowledge the need to be together.

When I am sleeping they are working and when I am working they are sleeping, yet few  insist I chat ! 

The  best  part  of virtual life are many..but when online who  got time to list those.


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