A Friend in Need

A Friend in Need

Finish this sentence: “My closest friend is…”
My closest friend is , my failure. Constantly accompany  me, no matter where I go. It wants to be present for each of my submissions. When I fail, failure is closer than my pride. For, when success come it can  only bring happiness, joy and laughter as my companions.
How often do I fail, before I  pass ? I never can maintain the count. Too many times, but it teaches me a lot 🙂 well some learn from other’s mistakes others like me, want my very own set of genuine blunders. It makes us humane. When we regret,  get depressed and sad..it gives us enough thought to realize and learn never to get mad..when someone else fails us.
Constant companion, makes us realize..to err is human and to forgive  is divine..and please forget all my  mistakes..for I did erase all errors and rewind.
What makes success stories so BIG, is all the set backs  you had,while you hustled through the way to success.
Now, don’t get me wrong but making a perfect  pudding  does get a ranking in list of success for me. Each day is a test, surprise tests  makes me go high on tension, but then I also like those, when I finally  over come failures and get it done..in the end.
I tell myself, make mistakes..but only new ones..and never  repeat the old ones 😉
After all..we  must  register few success stories ..as we keep our failures as close friend

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