Windows of eyes..looking light for soul


Eyes are the windows for our mind . We can see many things  but few gets registered in a different if it is the gateway to our memory. We, look around and see things clearly, not is all retained minutely..some thoughts they return..words that sketch a picture in our a blank canvass..makes reading a book so refreshing. The author describes and we imagine, poetry and art has that power too..takes us on journey in fantasy. 

We got wings that makes us fly, in love we got heart that thumps up beat when your beloved appears and smiles at you..those eyes they touch your soul , making you remember this moment when eyes locked and lips parted and heart thumped..missed a beat ..making it complete the sheer connection ..that surged in the veins like a current , turning each cell..making it tremble..and then there is calm and peace..tranquility..waiting to experience such moments wonder people go crazy in is not that you have a beloved heart..but the realization, that you can triumph in those moments that fulfill your senses..makes you  addicted to a voice, laughter and fragrance..loving someone is rewarding and getting love in return is a gift of life..a window to sight..a peep in the dark..where light comes to get enlightened they open a surface and makes passing possible..freedom of vision from within and from out..that a window gives  is a  link..connecting those outside to the inside things..light , sound and can close your window and keep them out..but can see..what is happening and feel it..yet be protected through the glass panes.

Open your window of the soul..let it get fresh and enlightened with knowledge as power..let yourself get a chance to link your inner self to the nature surrounding you..connect with the flowers, mountains and rivers..each got a message for you..they make you complete..they remain your partners..who give you answers to questions that would remain unanswered, speak with your soul..and you will realize and get insight of the real you, in the vast canvass of the world.


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