Poverty and tragedy for sale

Photographers , artists and journalist..they sell many stories ..emotions for steering the inner self in connecting with a stranger ..through a commonality or a novelty .

Rich people buy an artistic painting of an orphan who is hungry and destitute..a woman with a tear drop swelling caught by her lashed ..an old man near death starved to wreck..that person’s poverty was given a life on empty canvass made alluring and bought to be displayed..on a walls of a rich mansion’s library..does that make the poor rich or less poor..or is it a way for those already rich to feast on his state..and feel good that they are not suffering…

Tragedies from crimes are not really helping the victims in a society rather making them an object of ridicule..why use their misfortune to increase your circulation..does reading about a misfortune makes people better or bitter..

I am not trying to limit your portrayal of real life..sure  life is ugly and beautiful too..the contrast makes it so much evident..but are we becoming ruthless in our projection for getting an award or a medal..a high price..at what cost? who is sold..unknown to many..yet few may make them more miserable than before..have you thought about how they feel to be displayed without their permission..or it doesn’t matter..not at all ?

Eradicate poverty not through display only,  fight injustice and curb violence without making the victim suffer the same tragedy again and again through print media.


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