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Weekly Writing Challenge: Fit to Write

Healthy mind and body must have a healthy soul to live  in peace eternally. How to take care of self. Life style has habits , customs  makes them regular and personal goals gets it channelized.

There is a need to make effort for staying  healthy and extra effort to attain good healthy. Health got “heal” to the level of th 😉

  1. Food
  2. Work
  3. Thoughts
  4. Relationship
  5. Living condition

The above listed are those avenues, I find health to relate with directly. Balanced diet, with correct proportions makes energy supply to the body in perfect manner.

Work.. gives body a reason to move, exercise and sweat..it gets you in action and gives a healthy satisfaction.Ensuring sound sleep.

Thoughts are the source for making  life  peaceful or harmful. Positive thoughts leads to good action and negative thoughts spoils every interaction.

Relationship..we all can face depression and sadness, but to return to light and happiness.we need to connect with feelings and emotions. Healthy relationship can make us recover from any sickness ..with a strong will..it can be your parents, friends siblings,or spouse , each has a role in your life for encouragement and endurance.

Living conditions. Environment has so much pollution, that health gets easily influenced..water, earth surface and air contents, all can make you unhealthy. Therefore, location determines level of hygiene . Cleanliness is a must for health.

Stay healthy be Happy


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