Questions to Answer-

Chris Thomas posed these questions to answer :

  1. What are things that I like to do?
  2. What are things that I don’t like to do?
  3. What am I good at?
  4. What am I bad at and do I want to change something about it?
  5. When do I feel happy?
  6. What is it then that makes me feel happy?
  7. Is there any chance to trigger the reason for that happiness more often (e.g. by changing your workplace, join your working place community (or found it) or invest more time in a particular spare time activity)?
  8. When do I wish to change something and why do I think this change is impossible instead of trying to go for the change?
  9. When do I blame others and could I not do something about solving the problem myself if it is that important to me?
  10. What are my personal aims?

“Ten questions, maybe, ten that are hard to answer. Maybe you just give yourself twenty minutes and take some notes to answer the questions? Don’t think too much about a special answer, just write .”

Chris Thomas ,http://gammagamification.wordpress 

My answers for ten questions.

The things I like to do, I like to ride a bicycle, take up photography, construct my own home and have my very own practice.

I don’t like to be bored, in a financial crunch and look ugly.

I am good at  designing of buildings, spaces as an architect.

I am bad at following diet plan and getting regular at routine work.

I feel happy , when I see my design transform into a reality.

People make me happy.

I think everything good triggers happiness.

I wish to change the dark side of our system and society. The informal sector and under ground mafia, has surfaced to an extent that it is making the formal sector look like a mock, the investments are even flowing in from there, black money is getting converted into white money and this is getting regularized. The white money earned gets higher tax levied and black money is getting lesser charges, ultimately it makes a strong statement that the “black money” source is a gainer. I cannot change that, as I am also getting sucked, if not in earning then in giving them a chance to earn.

I blame the entire system for encouraging the flow of black money, it increases inflation, gives an open ended situation for retailers to put any price on any commodity..thus the price spiral is continuously is suffocating the cash flow and encouraging people to become more lazy and rude.

I don’t know why..but it is sort of related..if you can make easy money..then you tend to become lazy..and rude…

Well..Chris I tried to answer the questions , let us hope I find the way to get them realized


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