EPS Panels – the innovative building component

Building materials have emerged with concepts of recycling of material, light weight and cost effectiveness. EPS panels are now  being used for its characteristics/Properties.

Thermal Insulation :

The composition of EPS panel is of light weight cellular plastic material consisting of small spherical shaped,having 98% of air trapped  inside.This makes the panel effective in thermal insulation. The Thickness of panel is 50 mm, 75 mm, 100 mm and 150 mm. The surface is either flat or corrugated. The density of Polystyrene foam is 5-10 kg/sq m. The temperature doesn’t get transferred..so it remains inside and what is outside..doesn’t get inside..So it is a barrier for the temperature.

Shock Absorption:

The capacity to absorb shock makes the material good for packaging.

Durability :

The cellular characteristic, makes it dimension ally stable, It does not deform in shape. There  is no settlement over time.

Moisture Resistant:

EPS is a closed end material. it does not readily absorb water. However, if damaged or submerged for a long period under water, it gets effected due to saturation. However, it is used for floats at marine.

Light weight :

EPS is extremely light weight. It weighs between 12 to 30 Kg per cubic mete.It  has advantage in carrying and installation, the dead weight is negligible as compared to the surface it can cover.


It is an environment friendly. it can be recycled and any unused  product, can be used for manufacturing new panels.Fire doesn’t make it get into a flaring scenario, rather it melts down and deforms in shape ..ending the fire to its surface. Spreading of fire is restricted/prevented.

Ease in Use:

Panels are with male-female union joint, so its easy to install and dismantle. All panels are assembled with simple nut and bolt system with channels fixed on the base floor, with minimum reinforcement.


The technology is relatively new, it has 40 years to its credit for knock down houses, mobile homes and temporary sheds and factories enclosures.

Photos and information, COSMOS

consmos_sandwich_panel_EPS Consmos_Sandwich_panel_house_fast_installed EPS Sandwich Panel Application

EPS_Sandwich_Panel_for_Roof EPS_sandwich_wall_panel fast_installed_Sandwich_Panel_house


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