Daily Prompt :Mirror, Mirror, On the wall

Think of your blog as a mirror: what does it reveal? Consider your blog name, theme choice, design, bio, posts… what does every element tell you about yourself?

What does it reveal..it displays my ideas and thoughts.

Blog name..kalabalu ..with name as Idea ..is about sense in nonsense

theme..dark background with words that has white as light..”My Blog”

It is all about a human mind..has pictures, poetry, issues, laughter ..everything I do in real life..is reflected in all of my blogs


My Blog

My Blog bed time stories

My Blog free thought

My Blog Impostor in me

My Blog portions

My Blog story teller

My diary


The mirror on the wall has a reflection of me in dark and light..day or night

at peace and fight..I am in sight..giving pleasures and delight..that is right 😉

blogging is fun to post/ comment/write-right/nominations/appreciations/imaginations..all combined is my salvation.


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