Addiction ….

Why is addiction considered to be bad ?  It is because it makes you lopsided.

Human beings are suppose to have multi-function . Has a circle to feed and cycle to complete, if in the process, yo get hijacked by a single activity..that means you will ignore the rest..too bad.

Some are addicted to is all that matters ! That person has become a machine..rather a part of the huge robotic life..and his life is a routine where only companion is work…no family..or smiles ..and when work ends..he is alone..disconnected and lost soul. The people he should relate to finds him floating without gravity.

Few are addicted to Alcohol  ..drinking is killing .It destroys your health and sometimes it makes your marriage life hell. You get deflated..and your mind is tipsy .. you are not a gypsy but you speak in a alien makes you someone else while you are high..and reality gives you a head sore.

Young people take up Smoking.. it burns your money. It gets your health down..makes you vulnerable to cancer and add a foul smell to your body and may be a fashion..but when it catches holds..the fire is at one end and  the fool at the Smoker.

Then comes is so gain confidence and then get over confident…Eats up your valuable time. You don’t want to leave..and then everyone leaves you.. Again you end up with emotions and cash.

So get rid of any addiction..or it will get rid of you


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