What you think of me

I am a little girl peeping behind a tree. I am the daughter of Adam and Eve.

I mean love to you

I mean beauty that’s true

If I never come in your life

All your world would be barren and dry

Yes..I am the reason you laugh

Yes..I am the words in your poetry

I am honor in your heart

I am your priceless glory

I am a girl child ..as you see 🙂

I am here

I am , “me”

Don’t kill me before I am born

Don’t shun me, or I will be gone

I am your mother

your sister, my brothers

I am your love in life, my lover

I am your wife

your love of life

Don’t threaten me with a knife

Don’t betray me, again for pride

Don’t dare me..or I will revolt

I will leave..and you will fall


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