Would you care anymore

A moment to live
would be laughter a proper gift
or a cry in pain
or anger that boils
and frustrations that simmer on hot coil
will you waste it again
thinking about your pains
they are real for sure
you are not suffering hallucination anymore
but..if..you want to stop
stop now or let it go to top
tumble you down in its flow
let it escape from you once more
fear, anger despair ,..but not hope
hold on to it..never let it go

if its your spouse

and is behaving like a mouse 🙂

catch it quick , but then let it slip

spouse like to be, a bit smarter that you

so allow him to play..a hide and seek

he wants to be found 🙂

so, go around and catch him now

and tell him, my love..where is my crown 🙂


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