Whats in the name ;)

Name…the starting of anything..parents name their children once and they get stuck with it for life..the one thing that belongs to us and is used by others..it describes some aspects and other characters are in denial..

Name  add character to personality, so good names must be searched before you label it to ..the child..your precious one..smiling or crying..fussing or messing..everything except your love.

Parents are awesome..and grand parents are super..they also find many names..and if by chance..your legal name is not by them..it can be assumed..that you will get a nick name 😉

At Bangladesh, mostly  everyone got a very long name…so long, it seems three people’s names are juxtaposed.. so..each one got a nick name…and that is the effective name…Shamsuddin Cassem Khan..is Jumbo..so everyone calls him…no not Shamsuddin….but Jumbo…then come to Salahuddin Cassem Khan…his nick name is babuni ..their eldest brother Zaheeruddin ……is Bumbo 😉 ..so..now..everyone calls them by nick name and their real names..only few could tell..

My name , means..coming of night..:) my father really liked it 😉 well..it proves..I am his daughter..and when my mother is upset..only then she calls me , using my real name..other wise she calls me sweetie..smallie..etc.etc. Same goes for my husband..he calls me by my name only..when he is serious..otherwise..its janne..jannu..pumpkin..KC…wow..I got a whole collection of nick names..

SO..what is in the name ?

It has everything..it brings your picture in their mind

makes them mad or sad..or happy

makes them find you or miss you..

and when I am sleeping deep..my grandma would call my name thrice..

she would say, when a person sleeps ..as I did..like a log 😉 ..the third call makes me leave the world of soul and return to this world…

Yes..yes.. I always liked to wander in my sleep 🙂 free and carefree..are my dream world..I like to stay there longer..unless someone calls :))


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