Daily Prompt: I am a Rock

Posted in Challenges by angloswiss

Is it easy for you to ask for help when you need it, or do you prefer to rely only on yourself? Why?

I am never a rock ..I never rock either:)

I always believe, that asking for help and being useful are best for an easy life.

Yes. I do  admire people with strength  and fervor..and I take a step back to look at myself. From any  angle or view-point, that I place myself..I find a pair of eyes ..that always looked at others with hope..to be helped in all crappy situations.

When I need help ? I need it all the time, except when it comes to design. Here, the help I need is for the data or drafting part only..design is my area..and I love to design..so it is my passion. I get  upset if, anyone  try to help me..it makes me uncomfortable.

I am an average woman..I look at my husband for opening a new jar or fixing a leaking tap. I wait for my brother to lift that huge bag.. I let my mother pick up the new dress for me..I tell them ..I need your help..and I feel great..when they get so satisfied by helping me…family members, elders want to help 😉 psychology works ..eh

They think..it is important..that they are needed. I help them..whenever they send me on errands..like ..go and change the calendar..bring a glass of water, polish the sofa..take the groceries list..bring back the dear cat from aunt’s house..distribute the freshly cooked halwa to all neighbors..Oh! yes..lots of work..that I do ..to help them..nothing bad..it is my way of saying thank you..

Whenever, any of my colleagues, neighbor, workers..want my help..I am ready to listen and then do as much as possible..I know ..it helps me ..by becoming useful..it is not that I am trying to get something from them in exchange…it just  makes me feel satisfied..if actually my input helps anyone. I feel great 😉

It makes my day..I know it is important to feel wanted..and we should let others  help us, in their capacity as we are ready to help someone..lesser than us.

lastly..I ask God to help me each day..to be worthy of my stay here

one day ..I will leave and go..but my work and words that made someone feel better would remain..and that will be something I want to do..be able to live in minds of those I love ..


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