Daily Prompt- Dreams

I close my eyes , it is time to sleep

I turn off lights, to block all sights

yet my eyes would see

all dreams I have , for each night

a trail of ideas that flow and go

like winds of change

nothing remains

except tears or pain

when I scream to save

my dreams  for the day

I wake up to find

emptiness surround me

no love at sight

it is dead of night

stars don’t blink

my mind doesn’t think

I can not ink

my dreams for print

yet..I have dreams you know

of fairies who comes with snow

they glide and ride

white horses at night

I want to go..with them and never grow

outside my dream, life is not as it seems

I am walking on the clouds

or floating in the sky

I want to ask why ?

But there is no reply ..

because it is a dream



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