Land ownership ..woman’s right to land title.

Bangladesh has much land in the rural areas mostly for cultivation. Ownership of land mostly happens in a man’s name, however as per Muslim law, women have right to inherit land in a proportion. A Muslim woman, gets share from her husband, father, brother and son. Effectively, she gets from her father and husband, although this share is less..but she can get it sold and she can purchase a land in her name.

However, the holding of land needs a constant vigilance, with muscle. Just a title, is insufficient for keeping the land. Normally, neighbors and relatives like uncles, try to grab land. Ultimately, the woman needs strength to hold on to a piece of land.

The right to use the land for cultivating a desired crop, is also not easy for a woman to impose. She has to again depend on male members, unless she is allowed to do as she pleases, due to some physical handicap or sheer laziness. Active male members seldom let their wives decide main issues.

Women are more innovative in their entrepreneur skills. There are many women led businesses that are flourishing, in the rural area.

In the context of International community, although Asia has many women right issues, yet it is here only , that we have witnessed, women in high position such as Prime Minister, that too having the potential to get re-elected. All are the top achievers , as a woman to lead nations and engage in the development works. Muslim laws, always have given a share in property and title too, therefore many cases, women are already enjoying land title in their name, and they are also able to purchase new land independently.

There is always two aspects of power in authority, socially and legally. A woman may have a right to sign a document but no one can actually record any arm twisting that maybe hidden or unexposed. Mostly, Asian countries have male dominant culture, where women’s rights are often in effective in every day life.

This does not mean, that all women are subjected to irregularities, land issues are not much recorded, in terms of getting an update. If , all land documents are data based, and illegal land possession is discouraged, it would certainly make life easy.

Rural land witnesses clannish family, and open sale is restricted in practice ,although legally anyone can buy or sell land as per title. The land grabbers and otherĀ  negative elements in our society add to the grievances of poor farmers with smaller land parcel.

In a situation where men are getting hanged and hacked on land issues, women are more vulnerable in such situations , where greed and jealousy plays a dominant role in land acquisition.

Human rights must be established effectively, including women in human.


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