While we live and enjoy all our senses, we seldom thank consciously. Today, this moment I want to show my gratitude..for all that I have enjoyed till now in my life.

Eyes I got two to see..and now I will look at everything in detail. Will not ignore nor close my eyes to truth. I know my eyes speak when my lips remains silent..they tease they play..they make your day..when a wink is blinked in secret way..I am grateful for eyesight..for I can see those who love me and those I love.

My brains..moves my fingers to type, my legs to walk, my ears they hear and I promise to listen from today tongue that taste..and lick the cream off my face..i speak with it’s help.. I will be careful of the words I say..and keep my tone at normal that my listener never twitch to feel the pinch or pitch.

My organs hidden under my skin, how convenient I sometimes think..although my blood flows from head to toe..I never feel anything inside me skin is smooth .and I still got hair on my head..i love my hair nails too..makes me feel comfortable when i pick up anything.

My heart it pumps my blood and keeps my body warm and saves matter how many times I broke heart has never complained to me.. I will keep my believe in my heart now safe and value others  in their emotions..will not cause anymore anyone’s life from today.

I will try to be thankful for all my organs and senses, by using each for the betterment of those whom I can effect. I will never abuse any of my create chaos or disturbance..for tomorrow I may not have few of my senses then how will I be thankful in my life.


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