Who are you ?

Who are you ? or what are you ? Is it your nature or have you developed a character ? Do you suffer from personality  clashes. Are you as useless as a bubble that any child can blow from a useless soapy water in a bowl.

People are always defining and changing labels associated with them. Some get promotions in being called from hey you! to Mr ..or Sir 🙂 A distinction  that makes a person acquire a personality .

What makes you ordinary and special..is it aptitude or your attitude ? When people judge you without making an announcement about you getting marked on a scale of ten..is it very often you hit the bottom or never make it to the list.

How important is that unknown..qualification list. Does it quantify your qualities or just thrash it, due to rumors. Some rumors they say are correct/true. But, then “they” are never documented nor do “they” hold any stature to decide your level on your performance.

Are you really into performing or does it naturally comes to you ? Are you always good  or only when some one is watching you 😉

Are you really aware..that God keeps a vigilant watch over you..to protect you and be with you.. still do you ever make any effort to acknowledge this company..in your life that is not more than a bubble in the spectrum of universe.

Maybe..you are a dot.that will never be missed nor addressed, except to God..maybe your death is never important.

How much importance due you give to yourself..and to God.Think again..who are you ? and to whom 🙂

Benoit Couti
Benoit Couti

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