Religious belief

The world population have many religions . Some people evaluate the followers for analyzing the that not a bit strange ..religion should actually start with the God..for its related to the instructions given by God..and followers may fail or looking at followers doesn’t make much sense..then of course..there are atheist and others who come up with “new” religious beliefs..Question is..why does anyone need religious it human nature to bow..and follow …few have made their “wants” their god..but does that makes life be just satisfying personal benefits.

There are so many concepts and each one goes against the other totally or partially..and it is a very sensitive issue therefore no one wants to argue..each one would eventually find to regret or that would be too late for any there will be no come back while we live..and we can search..we must give some importance to find the right path..How ? well..the God..who created the universe, human, animals heavens and skies..would mention it in detail..because creator knows about and find..which religion details  the evolution of ..and science ..who tells about history and predicts future..has philosophy ..and using your own perception knowledge and experience..decide..forget the followers….because followers are unable to religion only God helps 🙂 right?

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