Mistakes we make :)

We are human..so we tend to make mistakes , errors and blunders. All this hurts our performance and that does hurt our pride.

Making mistake can lead towards accepting and correcting it, or want to escape the embarrassment. It the latter, which will lead to major failure. Accepting is simpler and direct, it shakes us up and we get into a low phase, where we hear lots of complains and grumbles..but it gives us a freedom too. Once, we accept our mistake , we can move to correct it and improve our potential regarding that particular work.

It may give others a bad impression, but it is the correct evaluation..and should be taken positively. Covering up mistakes and failures, lead to a fake identity..a shallow self..a person that we want to be and others also think we actually are, but we are below standard and in this time have acquired the title of “Cheater”.

However, those mistakes we have already overcome and learned to get it done correctly, should not be mentioned intentionally by us. No, it is not hiding our previous errors, basically we have improved and once we have learned, why tag along the drawback. If, it comes up as questioning then we must be honest and accept, and add that it helped us learn.

We as working people have many avenues to look into, home, office/workplace and on road. All three are important, neither should suffer , that is why its better to use time properly, while on road concentrate on driving, when at work get the job done effectively and when at home forget the other two. It helps to connect and focus, in each circle. Over loading and borrowing thoughts from one to another distracts and our attention gets distracted, leading to mistakes.

That is why..be present physically and mentally where ever you are..and stay emotionally connected too 🙂

Make mistakes..but less is better none is great !


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