Feather and weather :)

Which is lighter ? Feather or leaves. Who has a more serious role to play? Feathers are needed to protect and fly..and leaves they give energy and food to tree. Yet so many fall each year and get burned or buried. When leaves fall down and branches are all empty ..did you see any bird chirp or sing a song ? What has gone wrong ? Do we not know old must fall for new to appear ?

Why people must die and new be born ? Why can’t we get young as we live on ? Why is not world the last place to be..why do we have to answer after death, for our actions in this world. Why should we believe that God exists? Is my mind not  mine ? or my voice …my anger my happiness…all are mine ..yet when time comes, I must go..leaving all loving hearts falling off from tree of life..to be free and disconnected.Does it make me lighter or heavier..people when they die..seldom feels happy..if anyone knows what could we do ? Will we prepare for our meeting or even then we will tell..next time ..not now..I am unprepared for a death..In life we know we will die but still we never get prepared to face death. 

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