daily prompt-out of the reach

There are few things within my reach. Most of the wants were and still are out of the reach:-) Let me list,visa to USA,it. as always out of reach:-) yep,had I got it I would have become better in my opportunities,options,opening s.Does it sound like childhood dream? Not really. Life offered many choices,but some how those I didn’t get seems more important as compared to what I have.

I wanted to become a lawyer,but am an architect. Why was law out of reach,well,it was risky and I am and was scared . Real  life and issues,makes us careful,that maybe a good thing,but actually it is an impediment for realizing one’s dream. I am sure we can stretch our capacityto optimum, atleast we should try.

I tried and made attempts, but never burnt my boats:-)  that means I was not passionate about my dreams, otherwise,today I would be writing about my life in USA:-) 







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