What can you like or not ?

Average people are many..and few are below and some above. They are the intelligent, beautiful and rich..yes the above average πŸ˜‰

We, the average people are in the middle..what we want Β ? I think it is attention..we want to be heard and appreciated..and the only way to get this fame is to be above average. A goal is set, and targets positioned..we set on a mission ..called be known πŸ™‚ More than name plate that maybe hung on your door. let me mention, few in the average group has a name plate..

Well…set on this mission, we must run jump and fly too..to be seen and noticed. Those surrounding us are motivators..but they normally ridicule so intensely that it triggers anger and a desire to beat them up..in the race of course.

Now..now..we stop living for our-self and begin to live for others. The motto seems okay..but actually it is not really working. Living for others stems from selflessness, when other’s need comes before our wants. when we give up many things for the benefit of the larger group. This is the way, above average people take life.

Average people live for improving only themselves, for promoting their reputation with known and unknown, however, they could have thought it the other way; which is, when we improve our inner self, we will make positive influence on people and that would help make world a better place..that too is above average πŸ˜‰

Physical beauty is must for health reasons, inner beauty is a must for living with others.


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