Never..ever ever become a miser

Think before you decide..that you want to become a miser for good. It is deadly and sinful..makes you less thoughtful and more remorseful. You are always counting and hoping, your additions will turn up as multiplications. No subtractions nor divisions.

Yet. in this loose many happy moments that could have added value to your life..few smiles not costing much  yet, rewarding immensely. Think before it is too late..this inner misery will catch up like will start to limit your kindness and love too..soon all your friends would seem to be useful and few times foes..Shake up!! wake up !! let it go..Don’t kill don’t even know..this measly miser!! have learned only to take and never to give..except..harsh words and evil intentions..Escape this doom..break free now..or you will get buried a gold plated grave..beautiful from exterior with a hollow interior.


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