In life meet and depart

Each day, we come across names and people. Few are remembered, most of them goes unnoticed. Yet, we do register them , the moment those people or names are thrown back to us, again.

It happens, a total stranger seems familiar, a blogger who visited and liked, when she returns , feels more like an old friend. What is that connection ? A link. A joy to see again..

I meet people, and forget them, in totality..and when they ring me up or just come to meet me..I have this weird expression all over my if..”Do I know you ?” Very rude !! Yet, I quickly apologize ,if I really recall..or few times..the topic reveals who the person is, in real.

One of my colleague left and then after few years, called..I could recognize voice and position , but not the name..after that he never called.

Few times it happens, that people who meet you leave a part of themselves as a habit or a way of life with you. I call those people, angels of hope. They come and go..a moment in passing ..a helping hand.. a tear in their eyes for you..or perhaps a smile or two..they live with you..names don’t come when you recall, it is their actions that brings tears in your eyes..and you pray from within your heart..please God..make them free from all burden and give them success in their goals. I pray for them, and hope they touch other people’s life as they touched mine..People have reasons to come into and stay in your life.


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