Week’s Prompt : What does love look like?

This week’s prompt is:   What Does Love Look Like?   

What does love feel like ? Or makes you look like ? Or gives you a feel to look at life ? What does it do ? To you !!

Can you define ..it’s magic to a few 🙂 Has it engulfed your existence . Did it burn you up..or drown in a deep ocean..Or has it made you look like a clown.

So..powerful and invisible ..You want to feel it immensely and really..not knowing what it looks like..we search  the eyes that penetrates our soul and smile that elevates our spirit ..manifold..You can not measure nor return, it passes from one heart to another using relationship as the commuter..we change it’s flavor as we direct to different people.

Love is that power ..which enable a blind to see and a normal to go blind..it makes you fly without wings and die without reasons..Love is the fifth season..it never tells when it begins ..it never ends..it makes you feel..you are on top of the world ..

Easier to forgive if you learn to love..easier to please when you love more..it is not a burden it is not a cave nor den..you never hide ..you are always exposed..vulnerable yet solid..best part of love is “loving” we all love to be loved..and we can remember this ..we can be better for different people in varying situation.

Human beings..love is your weapon it is your tool..use it frequently but do not abuse..nor refuse or confuse with any other emotion that you may live in..do not accept to live without love.

What does love look like ? I have no   answer..but I can find love in every corner I look in 😉


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