A Perfect Come Back

The time to disappear and wait for a good point in time to return . Will, those who were with you as audience want you back or they are already enjoying new face and talent , while you were busy making an exit.
Unless , you are the beautiful and most extraordinary people on earth, who are ageless and that is priceless. When, I want to name few, all I can think about is “Amitab Bachan” the Indian Cinema Icon. I must say, he is old and a perfect Gold..Never , have I ever admired anyone for their versatility and charisma. This is something you can not inherit, it is a blessing that surrounds you like darkness and light, it just makes you stand out like a star in a dark night or the glaring sun at broad daylight.. So, you must leave otherwise, we the audience may go blind..
When, we saw all the oldies and though the film quality and theatricality aspects were not as advanced as now, yet the character was solid…it makes you forget that it is a film..you feel that emotional connection and you cry with the character and feels the agony, pain, laughter or love..such is the greatness of an entertainer, who never let his person shadow the character he played..and ultimately he became the light .
Someone, should make a film on his “come back” on mini screen and then the glamour he brought to the mini screen.
Well done 🙂


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