Zero ..the invisible value

Beginning and end..yet cyclic has neither and is able to move ahead forms a complete zero. A brings and takes..from here to where and every has potential and is shared..we count zero after digits and before the point..and of course, a point is like a diminished version of zero.
Those humble, learned, intelligent minds..are like zeros..they are giving value to quality of life..not limiting to few. or their personal purse..rather they are like rains showering..and soaking..with their wisdom and knowledge..they are inspiration for humanity to become humane..they may never be rewarded nor listed for medals..they are the medals ..the stars that shine and give directions..and never ask ..for anything in return..they want people to learn and become aware..of right and wrong..they inspire us to think and evaluate our life..they want us to become the zero that add value to life..and become part of the light..the invisible reason for our eyes to see..mind to be..alive..


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