Can we blame religion or should we blame the sinner?

Our actions are not really for a cause other than to satisfy our own ” goals”. To provoke or disturb, peace and life. But..we do use the shield of religion, philosophy ,economy etc. Then all the “bad” actions are related to those banners..and our wrong doings are not ours. it possible for a real follower to kill or disturb peace and relate to the religion he actually follows ? It is not..right..Then who would use a religion and kill…those who want to defame it and make people hate it..all those who commit a crime and blame it to the banner are not following the religion..rather the opposite..but they dress up like the followers and say they are the followers..
DO NOT believe them..they are the deceivers..those who killed children at school were not labeled with their religious belief..question is why ? well. because they did not want to defame their religion..
So..snap out of it ..Stop making the religion look bad..catch the culprit and tell them straight..You are not the follower of any religion…you are the follower of your own wishes and are slave of money..and some one is financing your killings..


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