Life after death

We..the people have hopes..those who believe in life after death draws strength from this belief..they do not limit their achievements to this world..they know there is after..and so they hope to have a better life ..there if not here.
Those who are extremely successful in this world..think the failures are having a good time imaging themselves in heaven..but are they sure about the heaven scenario or are they going to one is a hope ..should you believe and live beyond this world and pass your a journey and not the destination.. many would argue ..we can all have our interpretations and is only after we die..will we know the truth..but will that be late ? If all that we earned, fame and if landing up in a place where my currency is of no is all trash .. all references and solvency is nothing but meaningless one is interested about your capabilities and style..the question asked is going over your head..You are a failure and hell is one wants to be associated with you…are you prepared for life after..will you go to heaven ?
Choose your path correctly..if you want to belief ..or stay here as you like and will meet you in hell.


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