Death is Seldom Late.

The couple were by profession doctors. They married young and had three children, time passed and relationship got stretched and pulled , whether it was economic pressure or social no one knows..they stopped living together , yet they remained married and in one knew why the father was not keeping was just a few weeks back that doctors confirmed he was suffering from cancer..the wife traveled from her home city to capital , arranged funds, got visa and packed her suitcase, everything her husband wanted was with her..his cream , lotion favorite  after shave..she was happy..  . Her husband though ill was excited, after a long time he will meet his wife..the one he was in love with..time had never changed anything, it didn’t make him bitter , perhaps  love never gets sour ..tomorrow was the day he was waiting eagerly to dawn..suddenly he was experiencing pain ..his son took him to emergency ward..within a couple of hours ..he passed away.. Death didn’t wait for his was just a matter of 20 hours ..he could have seen her last smile ..she could have kept her promise..” Each time he asked her ,” When are you coming ?” She answered , I am coming soon..but she would regret it forever..Death never comes late.


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